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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oracle EBS R12 Installation on VM -OEL 5.5

After long time i am posting this article about Installation of Oracle R12 on a desktop / laptop.
The issue with any ERP is the accessibility for learning new version. If you work in a large enterprise then you have the luxury to access latest Oracle ERP versions but if you are in a small enterprise or independent then accessibility is an issue. Even if you want to learn new features, want to play around and do R&D in latest versions you do not have much choice other than having your own Oracle R12 instance.

Host machine -Windows 7 / min 300GB Free disk space / min 4GB RAM / Core2Duo processor
Guest machine -VMWare / VMPlayer 3.x / 300GB Disk space / 4GB RAM / Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5

Oracle EBS R12 -R12.1.1

I have divided the video in 2 parts.
I hope the videos would help in your installation.

Oracle EBS R12 Installation / Part-1

Oracle EBS R12 Installation / Part-2


  1. Good one, It really helps for non DBA (like me) to setup the instance for persona use.

    Keep it up


  2. Hi,

    I was able to install R12.1.1 guest machine vMware on OEL 5.5 and got to a login page.
    But I could not run the Oracle Forms Functions.

    So I went back to my HOST Windows/XP and updated my hosts with hostname and
    I want to run the R12 instance as a standalone no network connection.
    What do I need to connect to the Linux Guest and open functions with Oracle Forms.


  3. The changes has to be done within the linux host file.

  4. Hi there,

    Great posting, really appreciate your help to post the details.

    I've gone through the OA Frame work, which was very helpful for a starter...great job.

    Please keep posting for OA Frame work for R12 and migration to R12 if you can.

    Once again many thanks :)


  5. Hi,
    would you please share the steps to install R12 in windows Xp or windows server.
    i know how to install 11i in xp/server.


  6. Can I add a LOV to advance table item?.If yes please let me know,is there any special things need to be done.I tried adding a lov when i click the tourch light it says the to page you are trying access is not valid?.Please help.

  7. Hi,
    thanks for the good work.can you please give me steps to connect localhost on windows 7 to guest virtual machine which is OEL5 on vmwareworkstation.

  8. This post describes Oracle EBS R12 Installation on VM -OEL 5.5. I watched the video shared by you and found it quite interesting one. Thank you so much!
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  10. hi, I am Anil. I have installed r12 on windows server 2003 32 bit. My concurrent manager is not working properly. It is showing FNDLIBR.exe error. If I submit very small program with one in parameter, it is executing. If I submit more than one in parameter it is showing running,normal status and it is not completing forever. can you help me?

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